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hey there

welcome to my site.

this is a big work in progress. come again soon

if this site doesn't work on mobile, i'm sorry but i'm not making it responsive anytime soon.

javascript is not needed for this page, but if you like fancy text effects n such then you can enable it

anyways. about me.

they/them are my preferred pronouns, but i am ok with xey/xem and she/her.

i love making web pages but im not very good at it, obviously

also also a wannabe programmer who's trying to cram as many languages into their skull as they can

currently learning (but not fluent in):

this page was made with, and therefore best viewed with, google chrome browser. yeah, cringe i know, im sorry but i dont have anything else to use on this device :sobs:

one last thing, idk if you know this already but I Like Insect Silly Yes Mmmm Bug :thumbsup:

oh my god please fucking scroll AAAAAA